Jira Cloud and Server/Data Center add-ons becoming paid; on-premises available soon

In the last 2 years we’ve spent great effort in delivering the current version of the product. With your help and precious feedback that you’ve provided, Scrumpy Poker became a tool that is very useful to thousands of companies worldwide. It saves time and makes the planning and refinement sessions shorter and more productive through the collaboration effort of the team.

We have great plans for bringing in a lot more features including relative estimation, multi-level estimation, more card packs, more integrations, UI improvements and extensions as well as priority support and faster delivery of new features.

In order to accomplish our plans, we are making a transition from an incognito startup to a working business. It’s a great step forward for AELBOX that will allow us to deliver faster and better products helping more people save time and increase productivity.

At some time in November 2020 Scrumpy Poker Jira add-ons will become paid and on-premises installation will become available. You’ll still have the usual trial period after that. The price is more than competitive and even though the add-on is very rich on features, Scrumpy Poker will be priced on the lower end as a courtesy to all of you who supported us so far.

Note: The old add-on will continue functioning without problems for at least 1 month after the new paid Marketplace listing is available. After that you will have the regular 1 month trial from the Marketplace that can be extended up to 6 months before the purchase.

Note: We are combining our separate Jira offers into one multi-platform offer for better recognition of the product and to adhere to the Marketplace listing standards. The old Jira Server only add-on listing will be archived and not visible in the Marketplace.

The pricing table below shows the details:


Already on the Marketplace


Purchase Price

Note: Under review from Atlassian

Data Center

Already on the Marketplace

Please don’t hesitate to get back to us at info@scrumpy.poker with feedback on the pricing or any comments and questions.