What’s new in release Jul 21 2018


This release is the result of our new program  to let our customers build Scrumpy Planning Poker the way it fits best their needs. We’ve opened a separate page for collecting ideas and allowing up-voting.

The ideas page

The page allows both us and our customers to freely submit ideas. Those ideas are edited and published in the ideas section of the page. Then anyone can vote up or down for a feature. We are implementing those feature requests according to the priority and include some of them in the next release. The new features are documented at the bottom of the same page.

Release Jul 21

The release includes the following features:

Exclude certain cards

Now cards can be excluded from the Cards tab in the settings page as follows:

Exclude cards
Exclude cards

Once the cards are excluded from the check mark in the Cards settings, they are marked as unavailable in the voting section to avoid disconcentrating the players.

Excluded cards
Excluded cards

Stop animated blue bar after voting

The annoying animated bar that distracts the voters attention when discussing the results is now gone. Now the box appears as follows:

Removed animated bar
Removed animated bar

Add support for JQL

Now you can enter regular JQL queries in the story search box. Additionally, there are other usability improvements like combining several JQL queries, adding individual tickets to the list and convenience buttons for adding and removing stories to the list for the refinement session:

Quick add/remove JQL
Quick add/remove JQL
  1. JQL query in addition to individual Jira tickets
  2. A clear button that also resets the drop down to the list of planned stories
  3. A quick add/remove buttons to easily adjust the list of planned stories

Create poker room per team

Now inside the Jira plugin the currently selected board is used to map to a room, or the project itself when used in the root dashboard. The board is the closest match to ‘Team’ in standard Jira installations. In the future we might extend this to support Jira Portfolio teams.

New Jira shortcuts
New Jira shortcuts
  1. Mapping board per poker room. Each project can have more than one board. If no board is defined, the project is mapped to a room.
  2. Planning poker shortcut in the project’s space

Shortcuts to project’s room in Jira

The project space now has a shortcut to the currently selected board’s poker room or the project itself if no board is defined. The Estimate button has been removed as it is much easier to use the new JQL query in the search box.

Support for IE11

Now IE11 is a supported browser. Before we didn’t consider this browser at all, but since it was submitted as a feature request and up-voted so it became a supported browser.

Scrumpy in IE11
Scrumpy in IE11

Your vote matters

Thank you all for submitting those nice and useful ideas! You can get back at any time to the feature requests page and tell us what you need or provide some instant feedback from inside the application.